We’re looking for an Engineer who’s down to roll with a team of passionate, high-energy, overly-enthusiastic POWR Rangers. As an Engineer of a cross-functional team, you will be working closely with the team's Product Manager to help plan and scope work, then take ownership to lead it through to completion. We are a distributed team and this position is 100% remote. You will work most closely with our US based leads, and available to sync Pacific time business hours.


- Drive technical solutions to strategic initiatives, taking complex requests as inputs and architecting them into simple solutions

- Provide engineering input on sprint planning, ticket specing and contributing to the product roadmap

-Architect, develop and drive improvements to our evolving backend and frontend infrastructure.

-Build out the service architecture that interfaces the front-end stack to seamlessly talk to our data layer or partner APIs.

-Demonstrate the ability to make informed technology choices after due diligence and impact assessment

-Collaborate closely with the product team to build new features and infrastructure

-The existing high-level knowledge of what code exists where, and how and where it affects the product

- The ability to predict what parts of the product will be affected by changes to code.

- The ability to quickly locate what parts of the code may be causing an existing problem in the product.

- Awareness of the status and limitations of testing servers (this is important as these are shared resources and a common point of failure during our development process.

- Deliver solutions of high-quality code that aligns accordingly in delivery against the business objectives

- Evaluate new technologies, build prototypes, and learn through risk-averse use in order to achieve continuous improvements’


- 2+ years of experience, preferably in a fast paced, results-oriented startup environment. We want you to hit the ground running.

- A degree in computer science or equivalent. We’re looking for stellar coders who were top of their class.

- Expert in Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Node, React, jQuery, SQL

- Strong competency in architecture, able to understand complex production-level architectures and suggest strategies for speed optimization.

- Organized and detail-oriented. We pride ourselves on clean code!

- Global team player who works well with others, specifically us. Flexibility to sync with US, and occasionally other time zone(s) as needed.

- Someone who respects and practices our company culture on a daily basis

- Smart, fast, and hungry.